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Relaunch by KRCS

The original iPad was introduced in January 2010 and much has changed in the intervening years. Greater performance, improved specifications and incremental operating system updates have helped make the iPad the first choice for the classroom.

However, the management of workgroups of iPads has taken some time to fully mature.

Apple’s recommendation has been to use ‘Configurator’ – an application which required an additional Mac as a host, along with a charge & sync solution (which could add significant additional cost). Also, the need to physically connect each iPad to the host computer every time an update or change of configuration is required was labour intensive, especially with larger numbers of iPads. This is why Mobile Device Management – or MDM – solutions have now become the tool of choice.

What does this change mean for you – practically – in the classroom?

Managing a class-set of iPads can be a time consuming task, especially in a smaller school where little, or no full-time ICT support is available. Collecting devices, plugging them into their charge & sync station, clearing out data, installing relevant apps and content, and occasionally applying updates, all takes time. Precious PPA, or even teaching time, which could be used more productively elsewhere.

For those schools and colleges who are struggling with Apple Configurator and simply don’t have the time for device management, KRCS have a full managed service. But for establishments who are already working with an MDM and feel like the setup is hindering teaching rather than supporting it KRCS have ‘Launch Control : Relaunch’. This is a service which can help schools move on from their legacy deployment and take full advantage of their equipment via a MDM system. It also opens the door to using the new Apple School Manager (ASM) service from Apple.

With Relaunch and by using an appropriate MDM solution, schools are able to better manage their iPads with Apple’s ‘Device Enrolment Program’ (DEP) which provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your devices. For further information on the advantages and best practices around DEP, VPP (Volume Purchase Program), please take a look at our blog post here.

How do I get started with Relaunch?

If your iPads weren’t bought from KRCS, we’ll need to gather details such as serial numbers and any DEP identities to prepare for and begin the migration process for you.

…and what is “Apple School Manager” ?

Apple School Manager is a simple, web portal that helps technology managers deploy iPad, Mac, and Apple TV in their schools. Administrators can configure device enrolment settings, create Managed Apple IDs for their students and staff, and buy and distribute apps, books, and learning materials.  Accessing Apple School Manager is straightforward – users simply log in from a web browser on any Mac or PC and as part of Relaunch, KRCS will support the school through the process of applying for the ASM account.

Once all of the accounts have been setup and your existing devices have been added to the DEP, we begin the technical process of migrating all of your applications, books, and resources over to managed distribution licences.

Our Relaunch program contains many of the elements of our existing Launch Control deployment programs which we have listed in an earlier article on our site but with additional benefits which make it better value for legacy deployments.

We believe that our ‘Relaunch’ service can truly revolutionise the way in which you manage your devices in school and simplify the distribution of content to pupils and staff alike.

For a more specific discussion on how your school or college can benefit from Relaunch, please get in touch with our education team who will be happy to arrange a meeting or have a chat on the phone.

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