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  • Sustainability in your Restaurant

    Sustainability is particularly important in the hospitality sector, as the way we produce, distribute, and dispose of waste food has a huge impact on the planet. It is worth thinking about how small changes in your restaurant, can help bigger changes in the environment. Read More
  • How to get the most from the Touch Bar on a Macbook Pro

    Apple has recently updated the MacBook Pro range, and when we originally reviewed the first Macbook Pro to include a Touch Bar, we focused on the benefits for a creative business. Now that all models come equipped with a Touch Bar, it feels like a good time to have an in-depth look into what can be done with the Touch Bar, and how you can set it up to suit your own needs and requirements.

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  • Planning Essentials - Getting you Started with your Education Vision.

    We work side by side with educators to equip them with technology and knowledge to deliver the best education to their students. As an ASE (Apple Solutions Expert for Education) we currently manage thousands of iOS devices, hundreds of macOS machines and many tvOS devices so schools, colleges and universities can focus on teaching and learning, not technical hassle.

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  • Apple School Manager - Introduction and Migration Guide

    Apple School Manager (ASM) is the hub for your Apple ecosystem in School, and every school with Apple technology should have an account.

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  • ToothFairy for Mac

    AirPods, like most Apple devices – they just work. They’re an easy product to use on a day-to-day basis if you’re using them with an iPhone or iPad, and once you have paired them up, they will also seamlessly work with all your other iCloud devices as well. However, switching your AirPods between your other iCloud devices can be a tedious process. If you want to quickly and easily pair with your Mac, this is where the ToothFairy app comes in.

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  • Fitness and the Apple Watch

    Since it’s launch in April 2015, the Apple Watch has evolved to become one of the wearable market’s leading products, alongside those from Garmin, Fitbit, and Samsung. Encompassing fitness tracking, health, wellness, communications and more, so-called “smartwatches” are believed to be a $25 billion market in 2019.

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  • Lightspeed Loyalty

    We know it can be difficult to get people through the door, and it can be even more difficult to get them to come  back time and again. One way to encourage shoppers and diners back, is to have a loyalty scheme. A well designed loyalty program rewards loyal customers, as well as incentivising new customers to return.

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  • Time Machine and Mac back-up Options

    With so much of our lives now stored digitally on our computers, the effects of data loss can be devestating. This will always be true. Whether due to simply deleting the wrong file, hardware failure or something even more unfortunate, it's impossible to get back precious videos, photographs or documents without having a backup already in place.

    World Backup Day is March 31st this year and that's as a good a chance as any to update this post on the state of Mac backup, four years on.

    (Updated 15/03/2019)

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  • Everyone Can Create

    We have talked about creativity in education as a recurring theme for many years. So, what’s so different about Apple’s latest offering? The “Everyone Can Create” series of iBooks promise to change how we look at and implement, creativity in the classroom.

    They are a free resource, so definitely worth adding to your iBooks collection and they provide what is, in essence, a free scheme of work for you to use with your class. Maybe the title should have been “Everyone Can (have a free scheme of work to help them) Create”.

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  • iPad Deployment Foundations

    How to get a head start for businesses and schools deploying iPad.

    Updated 08/03/2019

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  • Apple in the SEN classroom

    Apple has always had a strong commitment to ensuring that its products have been as accessible as possible, for all users. Even in the 1980s, early versions of the Mac operating system had a number of features designed for visually impaired users to aid them with magnification, text sizing, and contrast. These are features which are still incorporated in today's operating system releases. To Apple, access for all is still a high priority almost thirty years on.

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