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Inspire teaching with iPad

Inspire teaching with iPad, Education Event.

Mere Green Primary School, Sutton Coldfield, Monday 18th March, 08:45 - 13:30

KRCS Group invite you to our free Inspire Teaching with iPad Education Event at Mere Green Primary School, Sutton Coldfield.

We are proud to be holding this exclusive event at Mere Green Primary School. In 2017 they began the process of embedding an increased mobile strategy into teaching and learning, and IT is now an integral part of school life. They are a shining example of inclusivity and independent learning strategies across all abilities with measurable outcomes, such as narrowing the attainment gap and increased progress throughout the student body. With even the quality of handwriting improving, as a result of the children's increased ability to focus on the quality of writing, not the quantity of written work.

The school are now 1:1 across Years 2, 3 & 4 and will be going 1:1 in Years 5 & 6 soon and we'll begin the morning with a guided tour where you'll see how Mere Green Primary School have integrated teaching and learning with iPad into everyday classroom activities. We'll also hear from Mere Green and they'll share their experiences from their initial vision to measurable outcomes.

You'll also see how easy it is to deploy Mac and iPad using KRCS Managed Service for schools and get hands on in the Creativity and Coding workshops.

All the information you need for the event is here, from booking your tickets to the workshops you can attend and get involved with.

Venue, directions & tickets

Venue: Mere Green Primary School, Mere Green Road, Four Oaks, B75 5BL
Date: 18 March 2019
Time: 08:45 - 13:30

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08:45 - Registration

09:00 - Welcome

09:05 - Our experience with iPad - a presentation and tour of the school by Terri Coombs, IT Lead, Mere Green Primary School

10:05 - Your chance to get hands on with our interactive workshops

11:05 - Break

11:15 - How Showbie overcomes barriers to learning - Richard Anderton, Showbie Champion, Year 4 teacher and Curriculum Lead, Mere Green Primary School

11:45 - Your chance to get hands on with our interactive workshops

12:45 - Summary, Q&A, Lunch

13:30 - Close

Guest Speakers

We'll be joined by Terri Coombs, IT Lead for ATLP, and Richard Anderton, Curriculum Lead, from Mere Green Primary School, as well as Chris Smith our Apple Professional Learning Specialist and Darren Tobin, who specialises in coding with Sphero EDU. The KRCS education team will also be available to answer your questions on teaching, learning, technology and pedagogy.

Creativity and Coding Workshops

There will be workshops on how to use mobile technology for Creativity in the Classroom, and Classroom Learning and Coding.

Workshop: Sphero EDU coding challenge
Presenter: Darren Tobin

Get hands on with an interactive set of lessons that develop problem solving skills, collaboration between students, computational thinking and knowledge of angles, shapes, space, speed, distance & time. Students will really enjoy extending their mathematical knowledge while exploring sound, movement and light with the SPRK+ robot and the Sphero EDU App. And if you’re brave enough we’ll give you a deep dive into Lessons using the SPRK+ robot in water.

Workshop: Creativity in the Classroom
Presenter: Chris Smith

In this workshop we will be looking at how to ignite creativity and give teacher's easy and fun ways to bring these types of skills into the classroom setting. We will look at the Everyone Can Create project guides and how they will impact on teaching. This will be a hands on session allowing you to become more familiar with how teachers can empower students to become better problem solvers, tell more enriching stories and find their own voice.

For these workshop you will require an iPad running the most up to date iOS and the following Apps:

* Some iPads will be provided if you are unable to bring your own.