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  • Malware, Virus, Ransomware... What's the difference?

    Virus. Malware. Ransomware. All scary words when it comes to computing. What are they? What’s the difference between them? How do I protect myself? This post will help you understand what they are and how you can keep your device and data safe.

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  • Time Machine and Mac back-up Options

    With so much of our lives now stored digitally on our computers, the effects of data loss can be devestating. This will always be true. Whether due to simply deleting the wrong file, hardware failure or something even more unfortunate, it's impossible to get back precious videos, photographs or documents without having a backup already in place.

    World Backup Day is March 31st this year and that's as a good a chance as any to update this post on the state of Mac backup, four years on.

    (Updated 15/03/2019)

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  • Managing iOS Storage Limits

    With many still using older 16GB iOS devices, and photo libraries growing all the time, many people are experiencing storage issues. Many more people visit our stores unable to be back-up to iCloud due to a lack of available space, this post aims help you to make the most of the space available on your device. 

    Updated 21/01/2019

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  • Water Damage

    All too often KRCS see liquid damaged Apple products in our workshops. Liquid and electronics don’t mix particularly well, so here are a few tips that may save you from an expensive repair or loss of your data.

    Updated 18/01/2019

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  • The FileMaker Project – steps along the app development journey

    The FileMaker platform is what powers KRCS, and many companies throughout the world. It is flexible, entirely customizable and development is really quick. However, do not fear. This does not mean the KRCS development team are cowboys (and girl)! We follow clear steps when conducting a FileMaker project.

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  • Beginning with Anchor-Buoy

    Chloe, one of our FIlemaker developers, writes about her experience with the Anchor Buoy ruling, and how it helps her with visualising the relationships in her projects.

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  • Jamf Infrastructure Manager Introduction & Setup Guide

    The Jamf Infrastructure Manager (JIM) is a tool which allows you to securely integrate an LDAP service with Jamf Pro in the cloud, without having to make your directory service visible to the internet.  An LDAP integration in essential to most Jamf Pro solutions because it allows enrolment of devices to be authenticated against your organisations directory service, scoping of policy and profiles to LDAP users and groups and content of configurations to leverage information held in the LDAP

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  • How to customise your Mac

    Apple has a reputation for knowing what is best for their customers, and making certain choices for you. However, the truth of it is, they try and keep you from breaking things accidentally by hiding certain settings, but there is still a lot that you can customise to your own style.

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  • RAID storage: A guide

    The concept of aggregating your data across several hard drives is nothing particularly new. Early arrays of hard drives first appeared on the market during the late 80’s and early 90’s and were used in large commercial data storage environments. In the last few years RAID drives have become better understood and have been adopted in more mainstream environments. For those who aren't so familiar, let us help you catch up.

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  • Is Photoshop Worth The Money?

    One application has become as synonymous with photo editing, as Google has with searching the web. Photoshop. Photoshop is the market leader, and first port of call for many photo editors, both professional and hobbyists; but should it be?

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  • Going over your monthly data allowance?

    That awkward moment when you hit your data limit for the month and its only the 12th... The rest of the month is spent begging for WiFi passwords and trying to stay on top of your Snapchat streaks, post your selfies to Instagram and keep up with Facebook and Twitter. Bad times, as they say...

    In the UK 56% of 16-24 year olds say they use their phone "too much". Average monthly data usage is on the rise, from 500MB per month in 2010 to 2GB at the start of this year. Experts forecast this to rise to over 5GB p/m in the next few years. We all know the pain of not having any data left, so we wanted to share with you some useful tips and tricks that can help you eek-out your GB's for a few extra days on your iPhone or cellular iPad.

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  • VPNs or Profiles causing internet connection issues?

    A frequent issue we’ve seen on iOS devices brought in to our stores and service centres recently is lack of connectivity to the internet. A lot of the time, the inability to connect to the internet is down to Profiles and VPNs. Get the benefit of our experience and solve your own connectivity woes!

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